Welcome to the life without pizza journey! This website is just something that I ended up creating after some urging from several people to document three things: my love of photography, my love of cooking, and my life of dealing with food intolerance. So here’s to a creative outlet for all three!

My journey with food intolerance began  on February 11, 2014 in a moment that both somewhat shocked me, but also made me hopeful for feeling better. You can read more about the journey that lead me to being diagnosed with microscopic colitis, as well as several food intolerances with the main ones being gluten, dairy, and eggs in this entry.

You might be wondering where the name life without pizza came from. one weekend while we were visiting one of my best friends from college, Cambrey and her husband, Corey in Nashville. We were out eating pho (which if you don’t know what it is, go eat some right after you read this) at Love, Peace and Pho and talking about the idea of starting this site. What would it be called though? After several different ones were thrown out, Corey (although Cambrey gives Adam credit :P) came up with life without pizza. Simply being that pizza is such an easy comfort food. When large groups of people get together, pizza is often the meal to gather around. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s good! However, with my food intolerance, I can’t have pizza (insert a crying emoji or sobbing person gif). So the name came and it just clicked! Thanks for that, Corey (and Cambrey & Adam)! We loved it so much that within ten minutes, we had already purchased the domain,  & created the Instagram and Twitter!

I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia and work at Georgia Tech in the New Student & Sophomore Programs office.

Thanks for viewing the blog and let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas about future posts/recipes that I can try out!



Go HERE to read more about my story!

1 Comment

  1. Ashley Stewart

    So excited for you as this journey begins. I am looking forward to learning and seeing first hand your creative prowess!! Best-ash


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