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Well to say that it has been a while since I posted is an understatement. Sorry about that, but a lot of things have been going on in life and I have been delayed in trying to get anything ready for the site. The first weekend of this month, we were able to travel to Charleston, South Carolina or as it is also known “The Holy City” for Matt and Elyse’s wedding (which you may remember these great friends from the take me to vail post)!

This wedding has been one that I (and I’m sure they haha) have been looking forward to for a while now! I met Elyse as a freshman at Auburn University when she came in and interviewed for IMPACT, one of the programs I advised. She of course made it because she is absolutely awesome and later became the President of the group. I first met Matt at the same time she did I think, they both went on an Alternative Break trip with me to Orange Park, Florida to work with special needs kids and adults. They secretly dated after that trip until I had a lot of fun ratting them out about it. It was so funny! As Elyse¬†was preparing to graduate, I bribed her to stay in Auburn which I know Matt appreciated haha! She had mentioned several times about wanting to go into higher education and I asked her if she would want to stay and be my graduate assistant. Thankfully she said yes, so the friendship continued from there and is one that blesses me all the time. As Matt graduated and moved to Atlanta and Adam was already there, Elyse and I rode together a few¬†times to spend the weekend there and drive back early Monday morning. I still remember getting the text that they were engaged and I was at home visiting my parents and I made a scene in the middle of Target just screaming “YESSSSS!” and of course had to explain myself to the people around me!

With the plus of their wedding being the first weekend of May, Adam and I jumped on the chance to include some extra time there to celebrate our anniversary. We got there mid-afternoon the day of the wedding with plans to stay until Monday. After checking in we had some time to kill and explore for a little bit. Another of my former students turned great friend, Hamp, was there for the wedding as well as so many other good people and friends that were in the wedding or just in town to attend. So we met up with Hamp and Jon to get some lunch and walk around. We started looking for all of these places that Elyse suggested and as I researched their websites trying to find out what I could eat we finally settled on the Hominy Grill.

Well little did I realize that brunching is a way of life in the spring in Charleston. Being raised in Alabama, brunch in restaurants has always been a Sunday type thing. Well it is all weekend and goes in some places until 3 in the afternoon. After the minor freakout, the waitress was really great on working with me to figure out what would work. I ended up ordering the BBQ chicken sandwich (sans bun) and the potato salad as my side. I had never actually had potato salad like this, but it was great! It was just the potatoes, some herbs and olive oil. Super simple and delicious! The chicken was great and after the stress of thinking I wouldn’t be able to eat and since it was brunch, I had to order a mimosa!

Once we left brunch at Hominy, we headed over to meet some other friends (Claire & Sophie) for some drinks on what is now one of my new favorite things: a rooftop bar! Stars¬†Rooftop & Grill Room¬†was where we were headed and I unfortunately only got one photo of the outside. So you don’t have to stare at my drink in the sunlight on a weekday! It was a lot of fun to catch up with everyone and relax before we all headed back to the hotel to get ready for the big ceremony.

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Thankfully over the last year that I have been on this journey of food intolerances, I’ve gotten a game plan for most weddings down. I usually have to pack a little meal for me to eat on our way to the reception, so that I don’t end up hungry and if there is an open bar I’ve got food on my stomach! I made some classic chicken salad before we left Atlanta that morning, and stored it in a cooler for the journey. I ate that as we got ready since we took a cab to the wedding and wouldn’t be able to store it in between.

Needless to say, the wedding was one of the most detailed and beautiful weddings that I have ever been to. I was not in the least surprised, because after all it was Elyse and would have expected nothing but absolutely amazing! We were so pumped to be there celebrating Matt & Elyse! (#lawfullylawson to be exact!)

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The next day we began our exploration of the city! Adam had never been so thankfully we were up and ready to see all that Charleston had to offer. After a breakfast at the hotel of some gluten-free oatmeal (I packed that before we left), bacon, and coffee for me, we were headed that way! It helps to have a continental breakfast to round out the meal to give you substance.

Downtown and the market were our first adventures. To say it was a little crowded would be an understatement. I think it was a popular place that weekend as the summer began, wedding season officially kicked off, and it was a beautiful day!

After that adventure, we wanted to get something close and that involved seafood since we were so close to the water. We headed over to the Charleston Crab House for some fresh seafood! After getting a round of margaritas, that were so good especially after strolling through crowds of people to look at what was in the market, we ordered our lunch. I opted for the steamed crab legs and shrimp with corn on the cob and steamed broccoli. Adam opted for the steamed crab legs, a filet of Mahi Mahi, collards, and grits. Needless to say it was a DANG good lunch and we were left so extremely full!

We then continued to explore the city and take it in in all it’s glory. It is one of the most beautiful cities that I’ve been to. I haven’t been in several years and Adam had never been, so we walked around a lot to take in Battery park, White Point Garden, Rainbow Row and all of the other great historic sites of the area. So thankful we did not get on a guided carriage tour of the area, because that is not our¬†idea of fun being hot and sweaty with all kinds of tourist strangers! Sounds miserable to both of us and we both laughed every time one went by ha!

That night, we made plans to have a big dinner to celebrate year three coming on May 5th! I made reservations (after researching all of Elyse’s suggestions) at Poogan’s Porch. First though, we got ready and headed to another rooftop bar, The Rooftop at The Vendue Inn. To say that this rooftop bar only increased my new obsession is an understatement. The views were awesome and we actually ran into Drew & Claire, who were in town for the wedding too and were staying an extra night to celebrate their ¬†wedding anniversary.

After drinks, we walked over to Poogan’s Porch for dinner. This place was awesome, as are a lot of restaurants in Charleston because they are located in houses that are renovated into restaurants. So it made it super intimate and a lot of fun to experience. Thankfully when I made the reservation online, I was able to enter in any restrictions/allergies to make the staff aware of it before we even got there. So immediately our waiter asked which one of us had the restrictions and he was prepared to help me figure out what to get. This place was great! We ordered a bottle of wine, and I opted for the braised short ribs with rosemary demi-glace, long grain wild rice, and roasted baby carrots. Adam’s plate was nothing I could even think about eating (haha) as he ordered a country fried pork chop, green beans, and smoked gouda mac and cheese. All of which sounds amazing, but we couldn’t share! We enjoyed this meal so much and it made the celebration of three years of dating even greater!

There was also another celebration in that meal that has been part of keeping me so busy and not posting for the past few weeks. I am officially making the move to Atlanta and cannot be more excited! So that just means that Matt and Elyse will of course be in more posts, which I don’t know their opinion on that yet ha! Finally being in the same city and no long distance, plus great family and friends within a short distance we could not be more excited. It is certainly bittersweet to leave Auburn after seven and a¬†half great years, but I’m excited for what is to come. So stay tuned!

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