jalapeno business

As I mentioned in the last post, I am a sucker for a tortilla chip. I constantly have a bag in my pantry and will buy two to three at a time. It’s a sickness really. That being said, I have always loved chips and salsa as a snack. I feel like it’s everyone’s weakness, but even more so when in a Mexican restaurant that you eat so much of them that you hardly eat your meal.

When I was diagnosed with my intolerances, I knew this would be something that would still be a good staple as a snack that could also be a little healthy with all of the vegetables. However, on my moderate list is green bell pepper and most would think that there were other peppers in salsa and while there are, a lot of them have green bell pepper. So I was still buying them when I was still realizing how important reading all labels was and would eat them then consequently get sick. Even though being on my moderate list means I can eat them occasionally, I have realized ones that I can and cannot do that with.

After figuring out what it was that my stomach was not agreeing with was the salsa, I started playing around and making my own. The first time was with a recipe at the beach with my parents over the summer. It called for sugar and just made the salsa too sweet. Then I just started playing around and making up my own recipe to my own liking. I still tweak it every so often by throwing in more of certain things and I have even put corn in it. I can’t wait for this summer to put some fresh peaches in one batch and try some fresh mango in another. My mouth is salivating.

For mine, I usually buy one to two cans of petite diced tomatoes and I have found that I love the way the fire roasted ones taste. I throw that in the food processor, with half a red onion, half a jalalpeno, one clove of garlic, one tablespoon of fresh chopped cilantro, and just a little salt.


Once I had all of that chopped and ready to go, I placed it in the food processor to pulse for a little bit to blend it all together. Of course I forget every time that I deal with a jalapeño to get gloves to wear. So I made sure that I washed my hands at least eight times, rubbed them with bleach, washed them again four more times, and then used an alcohol wipe. Needless to say, I went a little overboard but I made the mistake of not washing enough the last time and it got in my eye. Worst feeling for at least five minutes. Don’t do it people.


When it is all blended together, you just simply pour it in a bowl and serve. It is good to make it ahead of time so you can place it in the fridge. Especially as we near the warmer months in Alabama so it’s cold and refreshing as you snack. I actually prefer making my own salsa now to buying store bought because I know for the most part what is in it. It will be even better when I start using fresh tomatoes once we get to warmer weather too. So try making your own and let me know how it goes!


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