chicken salad dude

In the hustle and bustle of trying to get ready for work each day, we all try to plan out what we might eat for lunch. Some of us are better at it then others and then some just suck at planning, I am of course the latter part of that statement haha! I am quite possibly the slowest person to get ready in the mornings before work, not the greatest budgeter and love Chipotle. So with those three things, my bank account is constantly begging me to quicken up getting ready so I can fix lunch for myself to help save a little money!

One of my closest friends, Tess, encouraged me to think about posting what I make for lunch so people could see that too. I am a creature of habit to say the least so when I get on kicks for certain things I bring it a lot and especially if they are easy and filling. I have always loved chicken salad and anyone knows that Auburn can claim the famous Chicken Salad Chick that I used to eat all the time. They have now grown to be such a huge business and all because of one woman cooking just a great simple meal with little tweaks to make it more interesting. So I decided to guide you through my process of making chicken salad and things that I do to make it food intolerance friendly.


For this I took two large chicken breasts and boiled them until they were done. Then allowed them to cool. After chopping them into smaller pieces I placed them in the food processor to chop them up. I clearly did this at night, because I certainly would not have had time to do that in the morning. Once that was done, I just used the two bins of chicken meat on two different days and prepared them differently to give a little variety.

The first recipe of sorts is one that I have done a lot. Just the simple classic chicken salad with grapes and nuts. I added in about 15 grapes sliced in half, a handful of crushed pecans, half a celery stalk minced, salt, pepper, and celery salt to taste. The final part was mixing in a few scoops of Vegeniase (which smells and tastes just like regular mayo, even though I hate mayo).


The second variety came from the inspiration of another friend, Jacque, from work. She made a greek chicken salad one day before and I thought I would put my spin on it. The greek variety had chicken (of course ha), diced cucumber, two diced sweet peppers (the ones in the bag in the vegetable section), some chopped dill, salt, pepper, garlic salt and then two scoops of Vegenaise. It was awesomely good!!


So two days and two ways of making chicken salad as a great lunch to have when you need to bring something from home to get that homemade feeling and of course save a little dough. The creature of habit also comes to play in these next two photos as you see for both days I had chicken salad, tortilla chips (I’m going to turn into one one of these days), Silk yogurt, and an apple.


What are your favorite ways to make chicken salad or things to take to work for lunch? Let me know in the comments! Hope you’re all ready to start another great week because every day is a good day to have a great day!

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