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This post is going to be a little different than the last ones being that I’m introducing a new topic to the mix. One of my other favorite things to do is travel. Growing up my parents said that I was always one ready for the next adventure and it didn’t matter where because I was just as excited no matter what. Well that has certainly continued as I have become an adult and maybe even gotten stronger! I hope you enjoy the new addition as I tell you all about our travels and the things I was able to eat!

So as I sit and type this the post-Vail depression is real and I am struggling through it. This past weekend, Adam and I traveled to Vail with some of our good friends, Matt & Elyse to visit a family friend and stay for a few days. The weekend has been a long planned one as we started talking about it probably back in October. The reality of it became true though when we ordered tickets frantically one day in December while in the car because of such great prices ha!

We left Atlanta on Thursday night so that we could take full advantage of a three day weekend of all the skiing and obviously food that we could manage. Since our flight was at 7, we opted to eat at the airport and wait for our flight simply because we were all so excited that the trip was finally here. In the airport, I was able to get a club salad with grilled chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, bacon (another serious favorite as you will soon see!), and avocado. It was easy to get and ask them to leave off certain things, they were actually very cheerful about it! Then on the plane, Adam and I asked for some red wine. We were able to enjoy two small glasses and wanted some more. The flight attendant joked that we had taken her last two bottles of it, but that she would check. So a few minutes later, here three of them come giddy like school girls with two glasses of ‘the good stuff from first class’ to give us for free haha! It was hilarious and awesome, she just said that we have to buy her a drink next time. So we will see if we see her again on a flight soon and can follow through on that promise!

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Once we got to Denver, we took the Colorado Mountain Express to Vail to the condo where we would be staying with a family friend at the Cascade Resort & Spa. With a full nights sleep behind us, we woke up wide eyed on Friday morning to begin our first day of skiing. So we all got ready and headed to the restaurant to eat our breakfast buffet. And let me just tell you it became a great way to start every day! I was able to eat roasted rosemary potatoes with ketchup (yum), bacon, strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, and drink coffee with soy milk each day to get me ready. It was great! Although as you can tell by the photo, I did eat an unhealthy amount of bacon while we were there. But as King Curtis from Wife Swap says, so I believe. If you don’t know what I am talking about, just click here haha!

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After the breakfast the first day, we headed back to make sure we were dressed and ready to begin the day. Let’s just say that the weather was warmer for this time of year and so we did not need to dress as warm as we thought. I had not been skiing since I was in undergrad, and no I’m not going to tell you how long ago that was! But had only been skiing in Boone, NC to which I was told that east coast skiing doesn’t count. So Elyse and I took the slow route that first day and were coached through by the best coach we could have ever hoped for! The first meal on the mountain was one that I actually forgot to take a photo of…oops. We visited Bistro Fourteen and had a great lunch. I ordered the bistro burger (bunless) and opted for a side salad. This place was great and as you will see if you click the link to see information on them, they even have a gluten sensitive menu which makes it great for anyone dealing with that.

After Elyse and I let ourselves fall just a few times skiing on our own after lunch, we downloaded to wait on everyone else to get back and relax before hitting the hot tub. The hot tub was just what we needed after the first day of using muscles that we weren’t used to to balance ourselves and make sure we were skiing correctly. That night we headed into a small nearby town, Minturn, to eat at the Minturn Country Club, a local steakhouse. This was an awesome place that we were actually able to cook part of our meal. Once we enjoyed the salad bar, we walked up to a butcher counter to see the different steaks, seafood, and sides they had for our pleasure. I ordered a filet mignon wrapped in bacon and asked for it be butterflied with a baked potato as my side. Then you are able to head over to a grill and season yours how you would like it and cook it yourself. It was a really fun experience and we all were pretty pleased with how our meals turned out. There were also some mind-blowing card tricks after that still have me wondering!

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Waking up after one day of skiing is somewhat painful let me just say. Haha I was so sore that I wondered how well I would do on the second day. After the same breakfast as the day before, we headed up the mountain to hit the slopes once again. Let’s just say, not to brag, but I had gotten better! The nerves hit me early to make sure I could handle the day but I ended up doing really well and was actually able to turn instead of wedging down the mountain. Saturday was a packed day on the slopes, not only because it was the weekend but a huge event was taking place at the top of the mountain called Pink Vail. I wish that we would have known about this so we could have participated, especially so I could do that in honor of my grandmother and aunt!

For lunch that day, we braved the Pink Vail party and stopped in at the Wildwood Smokehouse. The lunch was awesome and the views while we ate outside were of course insane. I got a salad with grilled chicken, tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers with an apple and water. Simple but just what I needed to nourish me for more skiing. After some more successful skiing that afternoon, we again returned to relax and get ready for another great dinner this time in Vail Village. Luckily, I was able to find my favorite gluten free beer to relax with. Redbridge is a very good, light beer and I recommend it to anyone wanting to try a great gluten free beer.

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For dinner that night, we opted to head into Vail Village and try Los Amigos. Obviously, you all know by now that I love mexican food so I was excited about this one. They also had a great gluten free menu to look over to see what I would enjoy for this meal. We ordered a pitcher of margaritas and chips, salsa, guacamole, and quest to start before our meal. Let me just say that this guacamole was the best that I have ever eaten. I think I embarrassed everybody by scraping all the guac I could get out of the bowl ha! My meal was ‘Street Tacos’, which were white corn tortillas with steak, cilantro, onions, and a tomatillo sauce. I wasn’t able to eat the rice or beans with my meal because the rice wasn’t gluten free apparently and the beans had cheese all over them. But the tacos were amazing and I ate more then enough chips, salsa, and guac to be so full.

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Once a little shopping had been done in Vail Village, we headed back to end our second day and we were sad to say day three was approaching quickly. Once again for breakfast that morning, I enjoyed the same great meal with lots of bacon haha! Elyse and I were again doing really well at skiing and going down slopes we never thought we would after that first day. For lunch that day, we stopped on the slopes again close to Bistro Fourteen but visited the Eagles Nest Restaurant where we could all pick and choose what we ate. Well they had a build your own salad (and they don’t weigh it) bar so I went to town. Making essentially a club salad with ham, turkey, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, red onions, sunflower seeds and a little italian dressing. I was full to say the least after this one. The views as we ate on the outdoor balcony were absolutely breathtaking. Photos don’t even do it justice, but of course we tried to take some.

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For dinner that night, we were able to get a reservation at Osakis. This is a very small sushi and japanese cuisine restaurant that was really cool. I was able to enjoy some edamame (which is another favorite), steamed rice and ordered some simple rolls. The California roll and the salmon avocado roll were good to me! We really enjoyed how intimate this place was and the food was excellent.

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Now don’t worry, that isn’t all my sushi. Others ate some of it too haha! With that great meal at Osakis our Vail journey had almost come to a close. The next day as we traveled out I ate a small breakfast and upon arriving at the Denver airport ate a salad from Einstein’s Bagels with grilled chicken, strawberries, and a raspberry vinaigrette. I opted to remove the craisins and almonds, since almonds are on my moderately avoid list I just avoided them altogether.

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This trip was absolutely AMAZING! Being able to spend such great quality time with some unbelievably awesome people was such a great reward for the soul. Talks of our trip next year have already begun as we deal with the depression of being back in our everyday reality. But we of course can quote our new phrase as we were discussing yoga which made us all die laughing and that is “Namaste in Vail”. My body may be home, but my heart and mind are still with those great people taking in the amazing scenery and experiences. Hopefully there will be another travel post soon because this one has me definitely yearning for it!


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