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A few weeks ago, Adam and I traveled to Nashvegas (as I love to call it) for the long MLK weekend to visit one of my best friends from college, Cambrey and her husband Corey. We love being able to go visit them and it’s no secret that Nashville is one of my favorite cities. So needless to say the weekend was great, filled with lots of fun, great places to eat and great people to spend time with! That weekend also helped me go ahead and start this blog, so there’s that. With the advice of some great friends, some who have blogging experience too. You should check out our friend Matt’s blog about Nashville, experience nash. It’s great!

One of the restaurants that I love in town is Burger Up. The first time I went there was the day of Cambrey & Corey’s wedding. All the groomsmen and ushers traveled with the groom for some great burgers before heading over to the Loveless Cafe for the big moment! So that day, I probably had a big burger with a bun and tons of cheese, which would have been my usual.

This time when we went, I opted for a salad that was awesome. I had to try to recreate it at home because it was just that good. It was their house local salad, which has seasonal vegetables that this time was butternut squash. Thankfully Adam’s sister-in-law, Wesley, had successfully introduced me to butternut squash and I’ve loved it from then on.

The salad was simple, which is why I think it was so dang good. Just containing fresh cut greens, butternut squash, red onion, pecans, and I opted for the citrus vinaigrette. So this won’t really be a recipe, but just a guide for you to make your own. That way you can add and take away things as you wish and the seasons change.

I began by chopping up the red onion in really thin slices and I will admit because butternut squash is exhausting to try and cut yourself, I bought it chopped already at the store.


To get the butternut squash ready for the salad, I simply drizzled olive oil, added a few pinches of salt, and some pepper. Then it roasted in the oven for about 30 minutes or more. The chicken tenderloins baked after getting drizzled with a little olive oil and sprinkled with salt, pepper, and a little fresh parsley. So this was just like I said earlier: super simple and super easy.

The twist that I mentioned on Instagram last week is that I have become quite fond of an easy red pepper jelly vinaigrette, so I thought why not use it for this. The recipe I follow the most is from the Spicy Southern Kitchen site, which is adapted from a recipe from Southern Living. The only things that I didn’t have were the shallot and the ground mustard, but I still love the taste of the vinaigrette.


Once the squash and the chicken were done, all that I had to do was throw everything together. There were no measurements on my part (except for the dressing). Side story: my dad has always said and now this is my thought all the time “a recipe is just a suggestion, a good cook modifies and does what they think is best”. So I like to think I do that too!


The salad was GREAT, of course going to Burger Up would be a more ideal and fun thing but when you know something is good and you want it at home this works just fine! So make this next and let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: if I got really sappy about people in this post, sorry I was jamming to The Civil Wars the whole time and they put me in a good sappy mood. But then I also get depressed they aren’t together anymore and no more music is coming from them soon. Such a shame. Here is one of my favorite songs they have ever done.

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