the journey begins

So here’s to the guy who has always had an unusual aversion to posting food photos on Instagram, but is now going to do so for a fun creative, documentary type project! You might ask, how did this journey get me to the point of starting this site to document what my life is like living with some pretty fun (and I say fun loosely haha) food intolerances? Well you are about to find out!

Over the last year my life has (trying not to drastically exaggerate) completely changed. In the span of two minutes, a doctor told me that I was intolerant of several things that are basically in everything that most people eat. Or at least at the time it seemed like it.

The journey has possibly lasted a lot longer than I can even remember, but one person in my life decided that it was time for me to take some action. After a lot of prodding from my boyfriend, Adam, about my eating habits, how often I was getting sick, and me realizing how actually miserable I was I decided to go to the doctor to see just what might be going on with me.

Several vials of blood later and after a two-week waiting period, I was called in to my doctor’s office to see just what those tests were going to tell me. The doctor broke the news that I was in fact intolerant of gluten, dairy, and eggs.

You might be wondering what’s the difference between a food allergy and a food intolerance. Food allergies are when a type of food enters your body and your immune system mistakes it as something harmful, so therefore attacks it. It can be a small amount of a specific food, but your body reacts the same way as if it were its enemy. In that attack, your whole body can be affected. Food intolerance is when a specific food irritates your body and it can’t be properly digested, therefore causing a lot of the symptoms I will mention in a little bit.

So when that knowledge came, I was initially in shock. I literally sat in the doctor’s office and just said, “well damn, what else is there to eat then?” and the doctor laughed. She said she had the same intolerances and it was actually not as bad as I was thinking. She still admitted though it was going to be hard, but something that I’d be able to learn to deal with.

The next 24 hours were very telling for me, giving up everything that I loved (cheese and anything with gluten in it) was a struggle to say the least. However, the most convincing part when I did was how much better I felt: not having back pains, headaches, being bloated, constant stomach pains, and I could go on and on. It was almost as if within a few hours a fog had been lifted and I was a brand new person. Hokey sounding I know, but oh so true!

Then began the next few weeks of trying to figure out how I was going to eat every day and make sure I was getting everything that my body needed. To say it was hard, is in fact an understatement. For those of you that know me really well, I eat like a toddler. Every two hours I’m in search of something because my stomach is growling pretty loudly. At that time I was so emotional about having to deal with it, (which looking back now is funny) but every time someone would say to me “gosh, you are losing so much weight” or “are you sure you can’t just eat that? I think you’re making this up” made me just so unbelievably mad it wasn’t even funny.

After a few weeks of living with the intolerances, my doctor still wanted me to get a colonoscopy. Those things are of the devil I’m convinced. Or at least the night before one is. The results of that revealed that I had microscopic colitis, which to explain quickly is that your colon contains inflamed cells making you sick a lot. And let’s just leave it at that to be polite haha!

The last year of this journey, at least we are almost to that point, has been extremely trying, emotional, intimidating, and also very enlightening. I’ve never felt better before and actually enjoy trying to cook things now even though it’s a lot harder, but I’m up for the challenge. After you find things like this out, you immediately feel like an inconvenience for everyone. Food brings so many people together for fellowship, enjoyment, laughter, love and more so to shake that up and make it complicated makes you uncomfortable.

After a lot of learning and deliberation here comes this site, this is going to be my opportunity to invite you in to my journey of being more confident in my health and experimenting with cooking. I plan on taking any recipe that I can find, whether it is intolerant friendly or not, and making it that way. Hop on for the ride, hopefully it’s fun! You’ll undoubtedly get some posts about my dog, Baxter, and traveling also.

Photo Jan 21, 6 58 20 PM

If you want to know more information about where the name life without pizza came from, check out the about me section!

The next post is going to be all about me trying to cook pizza so that I can actually eat it. We’ll see how it turns out!

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